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Trust customers buy at a discount!

From now on, trust members, i.e. Ephi card holders who have a trust account, can buy the silver TempleCoin at a preferential price of 13 euros in the trust exchange.

There is therefore a certain amount of scope for your own trading activities in order to resell the Silver TempleCoin at the RRP price of 15 euros or more.

We are working hard to increase this range in the near future.

If you are already a confirmed member of the trust, you can access the sales page for trust account holders here.

If you don't have a trust account yet, you can do this here and with an existing Ephi card. The trust account also gives you access to our weight account, where you can physically purchase gold and silver in grams and at the LBMA spot price with only a small markup, an unbeatable service in our opinion.

If you don't have an Ephi ID card yet, you can order it here:

External customers without a trust account can still buy at the existing price structure and please look here in a new, clear TempleCoin -Sales page.


Soon we will put the few remaining coins from the first edition in the shop. So keep your eyes open if you want to order one of the last coins of the first edition.

We also hope to be able to offer some of the Golden Coins from the first edition and the second edition again soon.


Weekly bulletin for the week 6-10.11.23 Argor-Heraeus:


Gold remains firm despite interest rates reaching a 22-year high. At its meeting last week, the Fed left key interest rates unchanged at 5.25-5.50%, in line with market expectations. Powell has not ruled out further interest rate hikes and made it clear that the Fed is not yet considering a U-turn. Overall, the mood for further interest rate increases appears to be somewhat more cautious. After the recent rally of $200/oz and a price of over

$2,000/ounce, gold reacted only cautiously to the FOMC meeting. This may be an indication that the gold market may be beginning to show signs of fatigue following the SafeHaven purchases due to the conflict in the Middle East. It is therefore possible that some of the “war bounty” will dissipate in the next few weeks, assuming no significant escalation occurs.

The potential downside risk in the gold market is compounded by improving sentiment towards risk assets and stocks. The S&P500 has fallen 10% over the past three months but has gained about 4% over the past week, coinciding with the halt in gold's rally. If the resistance zone holds around $1,980/ounce, gold prices could rally again. However, sustaining a sustained rise above $2,000/oz may require a clearer signal from the Fed about rate cuts, as well as a return of investors to ETFs, which have seen outflows of over 200 tonnes so far this year.

The central banks are continuing their buying spree. Unusually large purchases by central banks could explain why gold prices have not come under pressure so far this year, despite the strength of the US dollar and rising bond yields. Central banks, led by emerging markets, have increased their gold reserves by 800 tonnes of gold this year, 14% more than last year. The leader is China, which has bought 181 tons so far this year. Poland follows in second place with 57 t added to reserves in the third quarter. Central banks were expected to make large purchases of gold this year, but not to reach last year's record levels.

If the fourth quarter is as strong as the previous one, global central bank purchases could exceed 2022's record level of 1,082 tonnes.


Expansion of ethylene oxide production is expected to improve industrial demand for silver. Several major capacity expansions for ethylene oxide (EO) production have been completed over the past 18 months. Silver catalysts are used in the production facilities to produce ethylene oxide and products derived from it. BASF recently started production at its expanded factory in Belgium. At the same time, SABIC and INEOS built or expanded production facilities, which required larger quantities of silver catalysts. In addition to building new capacity, catalytic converters need to be replaced over time, resulting in additional metal requirements to compensate for metal losses during catalytic converter recycling. This year, EO demand is expected to be weaker as sterilization needs for Covid-19 test kits are expected to decline. Silver demand for EO production is recorded by the Silver Institute under “other industrial” demand. This sector is expected to grow 7% to 144 million ounces this year, driven primarily by the EO market.

The price of silver rose slightly last week to $23.17/ounce. The latest COT report shows that non-commercial speculators have added long positions for the third week in a row, while covering short positions has continued.


We hope that every person takes their own precautions in order to remain able to act with gold and silver in the event of an imminent financial transition, as we are in the last throes of a dying debt money system.

For building your own portfolio:

Current price breaker: 25 Oz silver bars currently only 740 euros!

After testing by a customer, the result was: Highest silver content in our products compared to common, well-known and large manufacturers!

Here you can have your coins sent to the priest according to the order of Melchizedek and to Israel.

Here you can get involved in building the Sanhedrin.

Check out the TempleCoin Shop for more exciting products.


Only gold and silver is money, everything else is credit!

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