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Shavuot 5783 Special Edition Mt Sinai

TempleCoin presents in partnership with the Sanhedrin Initiative:

The Shavuot 5783 Special Edition Mt Sinai

Just in time for the signing of the nation of Ephraim's #NewDeal with the House of Judah, the special edition for the Sanhedrin Initiative is released to celebrate Shavuot, which this year falls on Ephraim's 56th birthday on 5/25/2023.

In addition to our classic TempleCoin reverse side, the image side depicts the scene where Moses, along with Aaron and the 70 elders, receives the 10 Commandments from Hashem on Mount Sinai.


As always, the coins have the divine TempleCoin standard weight of 7.775 g fine silver in our usual circular measure of 25.5 mm and 1.45 mm thickness and are handcrafted in a first edition of only 3000 pieces in the best uncirculated quality by our master mint Christof Teichmann embossed.The coins can now be pre-ordered with our usual price reduction when ordering larger quantities.

The single standard price is 15 euros.​The coins will be available from May 15th. delivered. Slight delays in delivery are possible.

You can pre-order the coin here:

or here:

Credits Shavuot Coin:

Design draft: Yosef Edery

Design execution: Jolynet

Minting master: Christof Teichmann


While Obama is coming to Berlin today, May 3rd, 2023, and at the same time the FED is going to raise interest rates further, presumably to 5.25%, another delegation of 4 people from the Nation of Ephraim is traveling to the Holy Land to further expand the #NewDeal . With the finished #NewDeal the debt money problem, as well as the dragon, the beast and the false prophet thing will be settled and the world will be able to breathe again.

Ephraim arrived in Israel on Tuesday night and tomorrow there will be news from Mount Zion.

On that note, God's blessings and Shalom.

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