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Israel travel review 15.-23.3.23

Wednesday 15.3.23

Travel via Istanbul to Tel Aviv with Pegasus Airline, Smoking Room Istanbul, Welcome to Tel Aviv at Terminal 3 (Only terminal at the airport) where Rabbi Edery met me.


Thursday 16.3.23

Golan with Sea of Galilee



With the GolfCart by Katzrin..


Friday March 17th, 23

Shabbat preparation in Katzrin

Then more or less cell phone ban

Many visits to the synagogue and discussions in Katzrin with Advisor Moshe and Advisor Rafi Farber, among others

After Shabbat then meet Adam Berkowitz at his home in the evening. He makes a SuperKaffee and was also visibly moved over the TempleCoin.


Sunday 3/19/23

Review Shabbat

Farewell to Katzrin, on the way to BneiBrak to meet Rabbi Berger there

Meeting with Rabbi Berger and Rabbi Yitschak, Rabbi Yoef Berger in BneiBrak to prepare for the conference on Mount Zion..

Impressions Bnei Brak

Then I took the bus to Jerusalem, where I arrived in the evening for the LiveStream of the Nation Ephraim.


Monday, March 20, 23 - 10 years of Obama in Jerusalem, 8 years of solar eclipse and first trumpet.

First visit to Mount Zion

Jerusalem old town tour and Mount of Olives

Neustadt with shop by Ori Gabrieli, best silver-made work.

A total of 3 old acquaintances from Ulf met by me.


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Second meeting with Avi and Rabbi Edery

Then quickly over to Mount Zion to Rabbi Berger..

Ut Unum Sint

The day was a complete success.

Rabbi Berger and Rabbi Feld were added to the Sanhedrin Initiative as Advisor and the

Conference on the 2nd. Passover in the rooms of Rabbi Berger enabled.

Afterwards our meeting was confirmed by Woelki and Father Schnabel from Fulda, who followed us.


Last day, March 22nd, 2023, a day off and a little relaxation with Avi to the lowest point on earth, Dead Sea and Engedi Desert.

Then last evening in Jerusalem on 22.3.23 ten years after Obama (Skull&BonesDay) and leaving on 23.3.23

Say Goodbye to the jewish Friends..especially Rabbi Yosef Edery and Rabbi Avraham Feld for their great Support of the Nation of Ephraim!

Say Goodbye from Jerusalem for my German Friends..


See you soon on Mount Zion for: Wiedereinrichtung des 12-Tribe-Kingdom in Jerusalem!

Where will our Second Passover conference take place?

Here we go out of the KingDavidsTomb to the Zion mountain to the adjacent conference location and wait for the key there.

Here we go to the conference hall..

See you all soon "hopefully this year" on MT Zion in Jerusalem!



Special interview with Avi about his immense work in helping children and adolescents will be published soon!


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