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Heaven shows the Alef!

Yesterday, on June 10th, 2021, there was another solar eclipse in Germany after more than 6 years.

Even if this time the moon only covered the sun by up to 20% and the usual "Corona" did not happen this time, it was the first solar eclipse in Germany since March 20th, 2015, when Ephraim started his run with blowing the 7 trumpets started.

Yesterday's solar eclipse was clearly visible, especially in the northern hemispheres, mainly from Canada to Siberia, and the so-called formed here "DEVILS HORN" from with impressive expressiveness!

All those who have been following the revelation of Ulf Diebel alias Ephraim for a long time and have gradually recognized the miracle that the Father programmed into all of creation, can understand the following connections much better, even if it is overwhelming again and again.

From today's perspective, we know: the keystone that comes out at the end and is placed on the tip is programmed into creation from the beginning and planned by the Father from the beginning.

The symbol with the 2 messiahs, a sacrifice and a scapegoat, are already described in the Torah with regard to what is to come and are later manifested through Jesus and Ephraim.

The story of the Bible could also be seen as a kind of eternal journey of the Israelites to the Holy Land, which under adverse circumstances repeatedly led to parts being thrown out again and again or, in the long run, the time "was not yet ripe", finally to stay at last once in a while.

The image of the "first and the last", the alpha and the omega, or in Hebrew the alef and the taf, allows very different perspectives within the Bible, but the big picture ultimately describes that it is God himself, the beginning and the end End of the story from the beginning, on the one hand to show everyone at the end who rules all the time (namely God himself) and on the other hand, to show the people his grace at the end and lead them to paradise, from which Adam was cast out, so that man had to endure thousands of years of war and destruction, not least because he had and has repeatedly rejected God's commandments.

Only when the journey from the garden (paradise) into the city ends there, that the city becomes the garden again, the journey is complete. Then the last one will come into the country and the story will be completed in that the millennial kingdom of peace will reconcile history.

The Alef as the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet tells an amazing story..

.. because it turns out that the Aleph was also a symbol for the bull from the beginning, which is also the tribal symbol of Ephraim and what the whole Bible revolves around or rather the riddle that had to be solved. The Bible clearly states who is the firstborn from the dead and who is also the heir.

All of this was only revealed to me through the revelation of Ulf Diebel, which is why I know today that yesterday's solar eclipse points 100% to Ephraim.

Just as Jesus is symbolized by the sun and Rome worships the sun as well as orienting the calendar according to the sun, the moon, which darkens the sun in a solar eclipse, stands for Israel or his first-born son Ephraim.

For I became a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn. - Jeremiah 9:31

Since Ephraim's request for the 2nd coin side of the first edition of TempleCoin was sent on May 23, 2021, it is not surprising that the final decision on the rough draft of the 2nd side was made yesterday, around the same time as the solar eclipse and thus this planning process was finally closed.

Today some people already know that the alef plays the central role in the solution of the great world puzzle, but in the end it will make sense for everyone and the Freemasons knew that too, if you set the "order out of chaos" as a long-term goal over the centuries information.

...The Alef will definitely play a role on the first issue of TempleCoin and TempleCoin is hoping for this coin to be minted and issued in June.

PRE - ORDERS for EPHIS with TRUST ACCOUNT can be made here for € 9.50,

all others pay € 15 here.

The ISSUE PRIZE of the coin will be reset to the standard sales price of 15 € from the delivery date, also FOR TRUST ACCOUNT HOLDERS.

Price reductions then only take place again for larger order quantities, i.e.


can be found here.

TempleCoin wishes you a nice Shabbat!

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