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Has gold found the bottom?

After gold formed a strong setback the last 2-3 weeks (it was even worse in silver), there is now a concrete possibility that we will see a trend reversal again.

Gold has touched down yesterday and today exactly on the support line coming since 2018 (coinciding with the final judgment of the apocalypse in Harsewinkel), as well as on the leg of the triangle of the correction since the high at the foundation of the trust in August 2020.

Also the 200 day moving average, the average price of the last 200 days was hit exactly with the top of the triangle.

In the 1-minute chart, the whole thing looks like this, and the big spike today at noon provides information about this possible trend reversal with prices rising again.

For silver, this would mean that the lower prices of $17.18 or $19 would fail to materialize ahead of schedule. Again, exactly on the line coming from 2018 and the price could stabilize in the short term.

In the macro outlook, we are therefore still very very positive for the further course of the year in gold and silver, even if our previous analyses were often too optimistic in the short term.

The further outlook for the year could roughly look like this:

Even if the short-term price falls of recent weeks have hurt one or the other investor and often the negative more arrested than the positive, a price comparison between gold and other asset classes since the beginning of the year speaks a clear language.

While gold has gone down 5.25% in one month, gold is still higher today than it was at the beginning of the year, when gold was at 1831 dollars.

In the same period, most classic asset classes have crashed heavily, especially in the stock market we are currently experiencing the bursting of the bubble with sometimes severe price declines. The Nasdaq has already lost more than 25% this year, Bitcoin is more than 50% below its all-time high.

Behind all this is the bursting of the largest debt bubble in history and that the central banks have obviously decided to counter inflation by stalling the markets and by the pure destruction of all tangible assets.

While some currency markets are already collapsing and governments are running out of money for refinancing, interest rates on government bonds are rising, which will also have knock-on effects on real estate and bond markets. The cost of refinancing through loans is becoming increasingly expensive for companies, governments and individuals, and in this outlook there is currently almost no recommendation for sensible asset classes.

After the FED has announced further interest rate steps for June as well as July, this overall situation will come to a head and with further falls in the money markets it is only a matter of time until additional freed up capital flows into the gold and silver market, because gold has proven even in times of stagflation that it is able to maintain its purchasing power. However, if the Fed were to return to its policy of cheap money from summer/fall onwards, because the markets would then no longer be able to cope with further interest rate hikes, gold and silver would explode.

The recent price correction in gold and silver we deny, regardless of the daily news to the purely technical working off of the market forces inherent in the chart and say that we are still in the "Cup 'n Handle", which will bring us in the outlook to a higher price level.

And all this is valid, even without an official confirmation of the Messiah.

An official confirmation about the clear identity of the living king of the Jews will be furthermore of course in the end the stone which will bring down the whole statue as written down with fixed further development:

Cancellation of our monetary debts and gold and silver again as God's appointed money as the world's reserve currency with a depository in Jerusalem for all nations.

The Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust has everything in place,

Silver and Gold backed opoortunities for Zion centered business building to perfect the transfer of the Kingdom from Rome to Zion.


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