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Great Reset in full play

Copy of the circular of 11/6/2022: This is the first newsletter in our new series of business newsletters to all Ephis and those interested in economic development, which will be published at the beginning of the week in terms of the 12-tribe kingdom of Israel.

From our point of view, the reorganization of God is underway, the transition from the old debt money system towards debt forgiveness according to the Bible and a reinstatement of gold and silver as money at 100%. While currencies of almost every country on earth continue to depreciate against the dollar, this is the only reason why the dollar itself is still held as a world safe haven and reserve currency, not without the knowledge that the US dollar currency too will eventually depreciate against its intrinsic value goes, which is almost zero. The world's central banks know this, they bought far more gold in the last quarter than the statistical average of recent years. In 2022, more gold was bought in 3 quarters than in any other year combined in recent years. And all this just to position yourself against the coming debt-money annihilation.

Global voices calling for money to be covered by gold are also becoming louder. And why not: due to the latest rate hikes by the Fed, the American central bank, it is clear that the increased interest rates are exorbitantly increasing the cost of the debts taken out over the last 20 years: In the USA, tax revenues are no longer suitable for servicing the interest payments on the debts alone. In the private sector, too, rising interest rates are leading to a lack of liquidity everywhere, the economy is being pushed into recession and many economic participants can no longer service their loans or take out new loans and will therefore exit the market. After decades of cheap money, the next crash wave will sweep a large part of the market participants out of the market. The interest rate moves by the FED were necessary because the expansion of the money supply in recent years has reached producer and consumer prices in inflation since last year and the FED has to bring them down again if the system is not to burst excessively due to hyperinflation. The central banks are therefore still in a dilemma between fighting inflation and supporting the economy. At least that's how the system is intended, but the suspicion is more than obvious that the current developments are completely controlled and that Jerome Powell, the head of the FED, as well as his employees or the masterminds behind him, know the real game at all times and are by no means that stupid how they present themselves over and over again. It was known that one day the time would come when the debt money system would come to an end, and that time is today. It is clear from the diverse statements of the World Economic Forum and many other players that there will be no "back to normal". The agenda of the Great Reset is perfectly combined with letting the debt-money-driven markets of the last decades hit the wall and the small interest rate hikes of the last few months, which on the one hand were not high enough to fight inflation, but are nevertheless already suitable, the markets more than to let break in clearly.

Facebook crash as announced by Ephraim already 77%. Renamed META in time to tone down the negative propaganda and this isn't the end! The average loss in the stock markets after the top we have declared in December 2021 is already 25-30% loss and we are on the verge of the next downturn wave that will lead us to a 50% crash and this will not be the end either. While investors all over the world are screaming for the FED pivot (opening the money floodgates again, letting the interest rate steps become smaller), I see no reason to believe in a coming pivot, on the contrary, I see the debt annihilation as wanted whether according to the plan of the socialists or according to the plan of the bible-believing Freemasons, at this point the goals coincide and it should also be clear that there can be nothing new if the old is not ended. In finance, there are also barriers to engaging in the New World with Real Values, much like Christianity stands in the way of the truth of the Torah: people don't want to understand that they've built on sand with debt money, and they don't want that either Understand the conditions mentioned above that the markets are going to hit the wall and they don't want to let go of the old either. Although the trend has been clearly negative for almost a year, every small counter-movement in the markets speaks of a bottom being found and the hope that the markets will move up again persists.

So there are always short-term bear market rallies that have washed away simply because investors want to believe that things are going up again. Exorbitant price jumps are then not uncommon, such as the price of gold, which just rose more than USD 50 on Friday last week. But are these rallies sustainable, or are they just shaving new investors off before the next wave of downside awaits? I guess it goes by the old rule, hope dies last. People do not want to accept the end of the old, even if the investment rules of the last 20 years suddenly all no longer work, people jump at every straw with the idea that everything will somehow go back to normal. So the markets watch every twitch of Jerome Powell or pounce on every tenth of a percent of a new jobs report or price inflation report to hear the hell out that the Fed is about to change policy towards easy money again. The Trustee says: this will not happen, at most for a short time, in order to cushion certain downward movements in the future. From my point of view, the crash will not be completely reversed, even if there will always be bear market rallies, which certainly suggest a bottoming out.


Wer unseren Artikel von letztem Sonntag auf TempleCoin-org gelesen hatte, durfte über die letzte Handelswoche nicht überrascht sein. If you are interested in what the next trading week promises in the markets, especially in gold and silver, please keep an eye on our TempleCoin blog during the day, where we will probably publish the next detailed market analysis later today. TempleCoin Blog


However, increased volatility in the markets is also inherent in the system if the credit money itself becomes more expensive, as it is in the current sharp rise, and as a result withdraws from the bloated system or competes for income. The credit money itself, which has the inherent pressure due to the interest to constantly increase and has thus made the permanent struggle for distribution its best companion, is eating itself. We of the nation of Ephraim have been telling it for years: There is no other way to return to a healthy monetary system other than turning debt into wealth. In other words: buy gold and silver regularly and prepare for the current currency reset. Not only countries like India are doing this by buying up large parts of the available silver stocks in the last few months, the registered Comex stocks, as well as the stocks in London, are also consistently declining. Silver freaks from all countries foresee the "short squeeze", an absolute scarcity of the raw material silver and the associated end of all price manipulation for as early as next year. Again, we will go into more detail on this in the future. So what can you do now? Set up your own gold and silver deposit via your own trust account with the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust! Only actual grams count as we hold them in our joint trading account as national wealth for the nation. Without gold and silver in physical form, it will be difficult to survive the devaluation of credit money without major damage. At the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trusts, the starting price for the simple TrustS certificate, deposited with one gram of silver, is just 75 cents today! With a Trust Account you can also buy one of the available First 500 TempleCoins, which will enter the worldwide collectors' market as historically certified unique pieces. Don't have a Trust account yet? (Attention, only with Ephi-ID Card!)

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Finally, we would like to point out the FUNDRAZR of the community of heirs Jakob e.V. The association is the corporate representation for Jakob's heirs in the Federal Republic of Germany in order to claim our rights with regard to the pending inheritance. The association must be financially able to act in order to achieve its goals and we ask for your participation here. You can have your contribution deducted as a donation. FundRazr Erbengemeinschaft

Du kannst auch direkt überweisen an: Erbengemeinschaft Jakob e.V. IBAN: DE27 3706 9125 2020 7820 08 BIC: GENODED1RKO The priest must also be financed for his work as long as the inheritance has not been transferred! Finally, the link to the TempleCoin blog for regular updates and news on the gold and silver market. Best wishes and a successful week to all Ephis from Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust.

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