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Constitutional Protection Report NRW 2023 (2)

Yesterday we became aware of the latest entries in the NRW 23 report of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, where we are mentioned in two passages (page 70 and page 131).

The accusations are becoming more and more groundless and our activities are simply being twisted into the opposite and the obvious aim is to stop our activities and especially the flow of money. Personally, I find this very sad because I was hoping that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution would see our activities after we could prove our collaboration with the Orthodox rabbis, but as you can see, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is not letting us off the leash.

First of all, it should be said that the VS does not sufficiently distinguish between the different persons “Priest” (founded in 2015), the “Erbengemeinschaft Jakob” (founded in 2017), the “Nation Ephraim” (founded in Jerusalem in 2005) and the association “Erbengemeinschaft Jakob eV”, which was only notarized on November 9, 2020 and operates in the Cologne Association Register on the basis of its registered statutes.

The entries in Report 23 are as follows:

Page 70: "The Jakob Heirs' Community eV claims to be committed to the fight against anti-Semitism. Contrary to this portrayal, however, the term anti-Semitism was instrumentalized by the association to defame press reports or government measures such as corona vaccinations, etc. as being used specifically against the association and its members as "non-Jews." Among other things, the eviction of the association's headquarters in Harsewinkel by the municipality in 2021 was accordingly portrayed as an "attack" by a corrupt system. Conspiracy ideologies surrounding the Rothschild family were also propagated."

Page 131: "The association Erbengemeinschaft Jakob eV/Nation Ephraim has, according to its own statement, been active in NRW since 2017. The members present themselves as successors to the tribes of Israel from biblical times and have allegedly set themselves the goal of establishing a new state in Israel based on the model of the Kingdom of David. The association thus denies the legitimacy of the State of Israel. In the eyes of the association, members of the Jewish religious community are considered "Zionists". In public, the members appear as alleged advocates of Jewish interests and opponents of anti-Semitism. However, this supposed commitment serves only as a facade for the association. After the HAMAS attack on Israel, the association exploited the Middle East conflict to obtain further financial donations through supposed fundraising campaigns for the Israeli armed forces. This is supported by "on-site reporting" with videos from Israel on the association's YouTube channel. It cannot be verified whether the reports actually come from Israel."

It is obvious that we are only assuming that our activities are a "pretext" in order to obtain donations or whatever other benefits, but that in reality we are not involved in the fight against anti-Semitism, but are anti-Semitic ourselves, and that we do not maintain an embassy in Israel or send any reports from there.

Compare rhetoric “allegedly” “supposedly” “allegedly” “facade” “cannot be verified”

Yes, it can be verified. So are we liars?

Only 2 days ago, a short live report appeared from Jerusalem about the opening of the Passover celebration, a 7-day worldwide festival of the Jewish religion. Three of our people are in Jerusalem now and will certainly provide further reports in the next few days.

On the channel you will find a lot of other live coverage from the last 15 months of broadcasts from Israel. (Of course, the channel also has coverage from Germany).

One of the highlights of our actions was our conference on the 2nd Passover on May 4, 2023 on Mount Zion between relevant Orthodox Jewish representatives and members of the nation of Ephraim. Rabbi Berger, representative of the Davidic dynasty and master of the house above the tomb of King David on Mount Zion, is also in the bottom left of the photo and has made his rooms available for our conference between Ephraim and Judah. Just like us, he wants to reinstate the Davidic dynasty and explicitly sees us as the return of the lost tribes.

Just last week, the following article appeared in the Tagesschau, which summarizes the real prophetic events in Israel with great concern, because people here are obviously afraid of these prophetic developments in Israel, while they obviously do not understand them properly, similar to the US, but at least the underlying connections are now slowly coming into the mainstream:

Our guys in Israel were in Shilo (Mount Ephraim in Samaria) where the red cows are located just three days before the Tagesschau report, and are trying to explain objectively the underlying connections, which are often misunderstood and distorted by Christians. Only the right understanding can bring peace here.

Through our educational work, we want to clear up the many misunderstandings among religions and bring them together in the spirit of a peaceful solution.

In general, we see ourselves as the only sustainable peace initiative that has the global potential to implement a peace solution that enables peaceful coexistence among all nations through genuine reconciliation between Jews and Germans. This is precisely the kind of cooperation we are already conducting with the Orthodox rabbis according to the Torah and the Prophets.

We are not "alleged advocates of the Jewish people" but stand with them in the fight against anti-Semitism. We did not collect donations for soldiers, but Rabbi Edery of Chabad Lubawitch gave our TempleCoins, which we donated to the Sanhedrin Initiative, to the soldiers themselves so that they could fulfill the commandment in the Torah to pay in coins, send this coin to the House of God after the war ends and thus come through the war against Hamas morally strengthened.

We do not reject the State of Israel, but we stand 100% with Israel.

The "priest" in question, Ulf Diebel, lived in Jerusalem from 1996 to 2007, gave birth to children there and ran numerous companies there. His tudadseut (residence papers), which are to be renewed, is still at an office there and only needs to be picked up. According to Jewish Chalacha, he and his children are considered to be part of Israel.

Furthermore, a quick poll of the Jewish people should show that a majority of them are waiting for the Messianic Kingdom of Peace just as we are. Even Netanyahu and his government stand for exactly that.

The Orthodox Jews won the last elections and are in government, which means that the transition to this kingdom of peace is a democratic process.

The claim that we reject the State of Israel is therefore just as far-fetched as the previous claim that we reject the Federal Republic of Germany. We accept the State of Israel to the same extent as the Orthodox Jews with whom we work together.

The Jews know just as much as we do that we are in this prophetic process and after the victory in the current battle against Amalek (Israel's enemies today are Hamas and Iran), the next step in establishing this kingdom is the establishment of the Sanhedrin as the highest court according to the Torah and the prophets. Rabbis who commit themselves to these goals are held in the highest esteem in Jewish society. The fact that parts of our community are already official advisors to this Sanhedrin means for a non-Jew the highest level of recognition that a non-Jew can possibly achieve.

So the majority of Jews believe the same thing as we do, namely what is precisely defined in the Torah and the Prophets, the constitution of the Jewish people, and which we have 100% accepted as our general terms and conditions of the community of heirs of Jacob.

Even Christians, according to their own religion, are waiting for a kingdom of peace that will be re-inaugurated by the return of Jesus. (swu).

Viewed in this light, the devaluations of our organization are obviously to be seen as hostility against us, because we are seen as a religious rival organization that appears to run counter to other prevailing interests here.

-The original claim that we are Reich citizens was first made in 2018 by the SPD in Harsewinkel, which, together with the media empire DDVG, also runs the Neue Westfälische Zeitung in Harsewinkel, which has made defamatory claims about us for years. We were able to prove that cooperation between the SPD-led city council and practically directly exercised control of the regional press is not only highly problematic, but actually had the goal of destroying our group in hundreds of pages of defamatory articles, and this was successfully achieved in the Harsewinkel case.

Not only was the building expropriated and the people expelled, but children were also removed from families, which we considered to be an act of genocide.

We have reported §6 because we fulfill several attributes of a “national, racial, religious or ethnic group”, as well as the damages mentioned in the paragraph.

Yes, we see ourselves as the reappearance of the lost tribes at the end of days, which is an essential content of biblical prophecy and also an essential view of the Jewish people, namely that the children from the northern kingdom of Israel, who were separated from the southern kingdom of Judah as early as 800 BC, will reappear at the end after having been cut off from the Torah and the Jews for centuries and having fallen into idolatry.

Important rabbis have already confirmed to us that in their view we are part of this fulfilling prophecy, which is why they already recognize us as a unique organization. For centuries there were no non-Jews who came from the Christian cultural area and yet acknowledged the validity of the Torah and the prophets. With his publications, the Torah from Zion (2001) and the Word from Jerusalem (2000), Ulf Diebel was the first Christian in 500 years to acknowledge the validity of the Torah, just like the Jewish people.

By the way, the red cows from the above article are directly related to the restoration of the 12 Tribes Kingdom, which was broken up 2800 years ago after King David and must be restored in our time, which is exactly what the Jews learn from their Torah. The Temple Institute is not an extremist organization, but has great support among the Jewish population and is part of their religious practice.

A more precise derivation of the underlying theological context can only be made with more detailed research into the Bible, which will be postponed at this point in time, as it is not the task of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution to deal with these topics in more detail and this is not actually necessary, which is why it is obviously better not to allow itself to have an opinion on theological details. (See there is no state church, freedom of confession, religious freedom, etc., see below)

If the state denies us the right to practice our religion, it is violating the general equality law. The state must be neutral here and not just serve Roman Catholic interests or its own political views. If the government representatives of North Rhine-Westphalia visit the Chabad synagogue in Düsseldorf or Berlin, they should visit us in the same way.

Our conclusion that we see ourselves as a people and revived tribes of Israel, just as the Jews see themselves as a people, can only be derived and discussed through precise knowledge of the Bible, which unfortunately most people today lack because they think the Bible is a fairy tale book, especially if they hold secular positions. Nevertheless, the state should be neutral here and stop any attack on or persecution of a religious group.

Because of the acceptance of §6 VStgB, it is worth mentioning that we claim to be able to provide evidence of why we, as the "Nation of Ephraim" and brothers of the Jews, are indeed one people. According to Jelinek, we also fulfill the three elements of state doctrine: people, land and leadership, and see our claim in the tribal area of Ephraim in Samaria in the West Bank, which the USA recently renamed "Judea and Samaria" in all official documents in order to establish the exact biblical reference to this open land question, which in the end can only be resolved biblically. Ephraim himself can clearly prove his testimony as the "firstborn from the dead" in this time of resurrection (cf. Ezekiel and the New Testament) with witnesses in heaven (sun, moon and stars, commonly times), witnesses in the Scripture (written word of God) and witnesses on earth (actions on earth at certain times), but in my opinion the VS does not even have to understand that in order to tolerate our views.

In summary, it can be said that entry 21 already greatly shortens and significantly distorts the facts of the cooperation between the city authorities and the press in the Harsewinkel case that we had already mentioned at the time. We were also able to prove the cooperation between the Harsewinkel city council and the Volksbank against the operator of the fitness studio, Yuri Nasirow.

But the main fact is that the defamatory newspaper articles that later appeared led to the incited civilian population, as well as Christians, attacking us and we therefore called for help, first of all from the Harsewinkel city administration itself, which, however, refused to give us any help, which is why things continued to escalate.

On April 10, 2018, BEFORE the first newspaper article in the NW, Ulf Diebel and Juri Nasirow went personally to the mayor Sabine Ampsbeck-Dopheide to get help and mediation in the looming dispute with the neighboring Evangelical Christian community, as the hostility towards Nasirow had already begun at that time because he started to keep his own fitness studio closed on Saturdays, since keeping the Sabbath is a central commandment in the Torah. Instead of the city government trying to mediate the conflict, it declined jurisdiction and things subsequently escalated further and worse.

Even if a return to the previous status with our anti-Semitism complaints pending seems excessive at this point, we as an organization should, if not even be protected by the state, then at least see an immediate cessation of any reprisals against us.

-“Members of the Jewish faith community are considered ‘Zionists’ in the eyes of the association”

We don't say that, because there are actually Jews who reject the State of Israel and every form of Zionism. The Jews we work with, however, are not among them. Zionism, the term coined by Theodor Herzl, is generally regarded as an achievement of the Jewish people that has given them a home in their country again after 2,000 years of expulsion. Very soon we will be celebrating 76 years of the founding of the State of Israel and no one today wants to deny the Jews their right to live there, with the exception of violent terrorists who would still like to kill every Jew.

“From the River to the Sea, make Palestinian Jews free” is one of Hamas’s slogans.

To deny that we are only ostensibly on the side of the Jewish people is quite a tough pill to swallow.

We have no anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about the Rothschild family, but we have presented the family's extraordinary role in taking over the fiduciary management of the financial affairs of governments and kings in just two generations over 200 years ago, which is still reflected today in the business dealings of David Rene de Rothschild in Paris. David Rene Rothschild is also Chairman of the Board of the World Jewish Congress and, together with Ronald Lauder as its President, is the highest representative of Judaism, who also regularly appears before the Pope.

The Rothschild family plays a crucial role in the history of the Jewish people, and many Jews see Anselm Mayer Rothschild as the King of Judah, who is in charge of the affairs until the Jewish Messiah is found and identified.

It is worth taking a moment to look at the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism to work out the finer points:

"Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which can be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Anti-Semitism is directed in word or deed against Jewish or non-Jewish institutions and/or their property, as well as against Jewish community institutions or religious institutions."

This means that anti-Semitism usually arises when a certain "perception" of Jews is involved (which can be expressed as hatred). What this basically means explicitly is that a perception leads to this hatred that is not actually accompanied by an actual understanding of the things perceived. In other words, this anti-Semitic hatred arises because people do not understand certain things and are only superficially triggered by emotive words.

This is exactly what appears to be expressed in the Report 23 of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, because we are being labelled as anti-Semites instead of recognizing that such a classification of our organisation is precisely the anti-Semitism that we are complaining about. In our view, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution therefore urgently needs further training on the causes and forms of anti-Semitism.

Since April 24, 2017, our official logo, which was attached as a giant sign at Obere Mühle 28, shows a Menorah, the state symbol of Israel, Hebrew writing that is illegible for Germans, the word Zion and the Jewish year 5777.

Since April 2018 we have owned the domain , which according to Burghard Hoeltzenbein of the Neue Westfälische was an "end times theory". According to the police report that was delivered to the letter to Kimberly Nasirow on May 14, 2019, Zion5777 is a "sect".

When the EPHI Center was evacuated on May 25, 2018, it was already known that the symbols and words in our logo triggered people, made them perceive us as Jews and gave free rein to their anti-Semitism in word and deed.

The fact is that Ulf Diebel's own confession of being Ephraim (covered by Articles 4 and 9 of the Basic Law) has led to fierce attacks against him since 2015, if not before, which continue to this day.

But Ephraim is in the Torah and is inseparably connected to it.

When it says Israel and the Jewish people, Israel refers to an individual. Jacob became Israel, Ephraim is the firstborn of Israel, God's favorite child. When Jews bless someone today, they should say: May God make you like Ephraim (Genesis 48:20).

According to biblical prophecy, both Israel and the Jewish people must come together again at the end of time and after 2800 years and build the Davidic kingdom. Both Ephraim and Judah have the same constitution with the Torah and are mentioned in almost every prophetic book in the Bible.

Article 140 clearly states that religious societies determine their own offices and the clarification of the New Covenant between Ephraim and Judah, the union of the tribes, is an internal Israeli matter from which the state must stay out. The freedom of religion is guaranteed.

In addition, Article 25 of the Basic Law states: International law takes precedence over federal law.

The association eV, which we have built up as a protective shield against anti-Semitic attacks, only operates in Germany, while our community is international.

On January 27, 2021, the day of the Americans' "Religious Freedom Act" of 1998, which confirms every person's religious freedom to believe what he wants, the Torah was officially accepted by all constitutional bodies as the law of the Jews through a solemn ceremony in the Bundestag.

According to EGBG Art.2, the Torah is a “legal norm and law” and, according to Wolfgang Schäuble, an expression of the fact that “the obligation to protect Jewish life is a fundamental condition of our state”.

(see Merkel's many statements over the years: Israel is German raison d'état (foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany (1949) after the founding of the State of Israel (1948) and the UN (1945) due to the guilt of the war, the Holocaust and the question of the peace treaty postponed to the future)

Since the Torah is, according to the clear statements and actions of all governmental and constitutional bodies, a primary domain of the Jews, any non-Jew who keeps the simple commandments of the Torah just like the Orthodox Jews is perceived as a Jew.

Seen in this light, the fact that we as a community stand, on the one hand, for the Jewish people and, on the other hand, for their constitution of the Torah and the Prophets should under no circumstances have led to attacks against us; on the contrary, we should have received all the protection of the state.

However, none of the constitutional bodies can judge the legal norm of the Torah.

Article 4 of the Basic Law, which defines the freedom of religion of every person, clearly guarantees what we have done: Article 4. (1) Freedom of belief, conscience and freedom of religious and ideological belief are inviolable. (2) The undisturbed practice of religion is guaranteed.

The recent victory of Julian Reichelt in his case against the Federal Republic of Germany has already made an interesting point regarding criticism of the government, which is also important for Nancy Faeser, who wants to make “people who mock the state feel a ‘strong state’.”

Julian Reichelt has had Article 5 of the Basic Law confirmed by the Federal Constitutional Court. In this sense, our efforts and actions, as well as criticism of state bodies in the past, were also covered by Article 5 of the Basic Law. State bodies cannot be forced to impose a dictatorship of opinion, as is currently being attempted everywhere.

The so-called “vaccination pamphlet of the self-proclaimed priest” was not a pamphlet either, but a presentation of the legal framework that 1) should be completely covered by Article 5 and 2) should explain that it is against human dignity to be coerced into a vaccination, appended with 70-page letters from rabbis who also spoke out against the vaccination.

The named priest, who had constituted himself in 2015 as a partnership under Articles 4, 9 and 140 of the Basic Law and had already taken part in the industrial action for better working conditions for priests, has now been confirmed and recognized as a priest by hundreds of people who, by signing up with him, have submitted to the validity of the Torah and the Prophets as general terms and conditions, in the Jacob heirs' community, which was constituted in 2017 and where several members have already confirmed him.

With our commitment to the Torah, we are in sync with the Pope, who in his law DEI VERBUM proclaimed the Bible as the highest law of this earth at the Second Vatican Council in 1965. Heads of government around the world swear by the Bible when they take office, and the opening of the Basic Law also states: "in our responsibility before God and mankind."

If you take a look at how the concept of God is defined in our culture, which is "a mixture of Athens, Rome and Jerusalem" (Pope Benedict in the Bundestag), then it is clear that the Christian religion is inseparably linked to the much older Jewish religion, if not even based on it, since Jesus was a Jew who at that time only had the Old Testament and kept the Torah.

The Christian creed begins with:

“I believe in God the Father,

the Almighty,

the Creator of heaven and earth.”

and thus refers to the Old Testament and the definition of God therein, in which the Jews still hold the gold standard today, which is also confirmed in the Christian creed: it is about a creator God of the Book of Genesis.

A central point of the Basic Law is also to protect the human dignity mentioned in the “vaccination pamphlet”, which is the task of every state authority.

The central point of the Federal Constitutional Protection Act is to protect the free democratic basic order. Section 4 paragraph 2 (g) refers explicitly to the protection of human rights under the Basic Law (plus Article 1 of the Basic Law)

Human rights were not only included in the UN Charter, the Church made human dignity a central point in its 1965 document Dignitatis Humanae, and just this year on April 8, 2024, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith focused on the central importance of human dignity in the document Dignitas Infinita, which must be granted to every person, regardless of their condition, and defined this protection of human dignity for all Catholics. Our political representatives Maas, Laschet and Wüst, who were contacted at the time, are also Catholics who must explicitly adhere to the Pope's instructions (laws), while as state representatives they must abide by the laws of the state.

The undisturbed practice of religion is explicitly part of human dignity.

Furthermore, human rights are explicitly recognized as binding in the joint declaration Nostra Aetate (also 1965) between the Holy See and the State of Israel, which we will ultimately fall under with the final jurisdiction sought in Jerusalem and land claim in Samaria.

The fact is that we only appeared in the first VS Report 21 after we had reported ourselves to the Conference of Interior Ministers because we wanted to report anti-Semitism against non-Jews according to the IHRA definition confirmed by the Bundestag. Although the Jakob heirs' community was already established in 2017, we were not considered politically dangerous for years, which only changed with our report of anti-Semitism, which we made because we had experienced attacks against our community for years due to our misunderstood actions.

The IHRA definition of anti-Semitism was already circulated by the Federal Government through a cabinet decision on September 20, 2017.

The State Chancellery of Düsseldorf also committed itself to the fight against anti-Semitism and had to accept the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism in order to receive funding. The State Chancellery maintains contact with relevant rabbis in Düsseldorf who believe in the same Torah as we do, so we thought at the time that we would receive help from the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia.

-It is also striking that Article 140 of the Basic Law is the only original article of the original constitution of 1919, which the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution should explicitly protect, instead of attacking and persecuting us here.

We run in the name of our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from the Old Testament.

-The term “Reich Citizens” first emerged from the Reich Citizens Report by Anette Kahane, a privately funded NGO that attempted to brand all political enemies under this term without considering the underlying issue in detail, which in our view constitutes the criminal offense of political suspicion, as this was further exploited.

However, as early as 30 June 2015, the Federal Government's response to a small inquiry by the Left Party as to whether the German Reich still existed was:

“The Federal Constitutional Court has consistently held that the subject of international law ‘German Reich’ has not ceased to exist and that the Federal Republic of Germany is not its legal successor but is identical with it as a subject of international law.”

The German Reich has not collapsed, but is unable to act due to a lack of organs. The only remaining organ of the Church is determined by the Reich Concordat:

About the Reich Concordat (agreement between Adolf Hitler for the German Reich and the Vatican), which Cardinal Woelki has already confirmed twice, the last time in the State Chancellery of Düsseldorf and only on February 7th of this year by Bishop Bentz the religious practice of Catholics is guaranteed to “celebrate the death of the Lord until he comes”.

Through the Reich Concordat, the official representatives of the church became salaried civil servants.

Christians all over the world pray, “Lord, your kingdom come,” and in this sense the church’s kingdom regulations are international. Even the Pope wants to bring God’s kingdom of heaven to earth.

Our preoccupation with the concept of the kingdom therefore relates more to the theological legislative context than to theses rejecting the state. Here we stand directly with Jesus, who also preached the gospel of the kingdom.

In this sense, our activities are in accordance with the regulations of the state and the church and we have every right to protection and respect for our religious activities.


As is clear, we still need support to defend ourselves and to obtain our rights. We ask for yours.

Jakob Heirs' Community eV

IBAN: DE27 3706 9125 2020 7820 08


or support Ulf:

Account holder: Ulf Diebel

IBAN: LT86 3250 0323 5536 7312



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