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Cardinal Woelki and Mount Zion

Since desolation is a sure thing until the end and confusion reigns everywhere (Book of Daniel, 9, 26 and 27), most people have unfortunately lost the connection to the events of the last few years.

Even if day 2300 of the book of Daniel is provably over (prophetically announced for the end of days and concluded by the provable revelation of Ulf Diebel), the 70 year weeks do not seem to have been fulfilled yet, at least when one sees that the worldwide confusion still has no end.

Even people who consider themselves open-minded, such as the occasional rabbi or priestly representative, are unable to listen for the simple reason of the arrogant hubris of thinking they already know every truth.

For TempleCoin, the diplomatic contact with the House of Judah in the last few weeks has unfortunately turned out to be a slight disappointment in parts, since this is exactly the problem area described above and the real exchange is largely behind the hopeful restart of some years ago Months behind in the sense of new knowledge. It is one thing to overwhelm the house of Judah with donations for any activities, but unfortunately this does not achieve an open ear for real knowledge, but rather the opposite.

Of course we are working against a separation between the house of Judah and the house of Israel that has existed for thousands of years, which with Ephraim fell under the idols at least since Rome, if not a few hundred years earlier.

This fact, along with the centuries-long persecution of the Jews by Christian anti-Semitism, will be the main contributor to the inherent protective wall of only partially justified arrogance in the House of Judah to hold a knowledge advantage over the rest of the world. Even if the precise knowledge of the Torah actually gave the Jews a genuine knowledge advantage for centuries, this now collapses at the latest with the appearance of the nation of Ephraim, since the resurrection from the dead together with our knowledge from Ulf Diebel's revelation about the mighty fulfilling prophecy of the last few years has now completely reshuffled these cards.

Anyone from the nation of Ephraim who has peddled the knowledge of the revelation that took place and the real testimony of Ulf Diebel in recent years has already got to know the classic reactions: nobody who has stopped really looking and instead judges himself is able to process information we transmit, but prefers instead to remain in his amorous and self-important sense of mission.

In addition, since the 20th century and the Holocaust at the latest, the tense division between the two houses of Israel and Judah, especially in the German-Jewish relationship, has been visible, noticeable and to this day: To this day, the Germans are officially responsible for the war with Japan the only enemy state in the UN and therefore without a peace treaty and the political lobby of the secular Jews never misses an opportunity to pin their guilt on the Germans, which the socialist left in Germany accepted with gratitude, in order to further their own compatriots through fear, guilt, taxes and levies of dumbing down.

The New Covenant speaks of the promise that the envy of Ephraim and the affliction of Judah will depart, but TempleCoin says the process is by no means complete.

The last conference in Haifa, which was about introducing the nation of Ephraim to the Jewish audience, is a clear expression of this. Contrary to the official conference theme "Presentation of the Nation of Ephraim", there were countless Jewish representatives on the stage for more than 5 hours who thought the Nation of Ephraim had come from Germany to be taught by them, the official conference theme was simply faded out until then 2 hours after the end of the conference, when 90% of the Jews attending the conference were already back at home, the nation of Ephraim was given the microphone. TempleCoin believes that this is not only a blatant disrespect for the original agreement and the foreign delegation on site with regard to the official conference topic, it is also an expression that most of the content of the nation of Ephraim was already in no way related to the house of Judah could be transmitted.

That's exactly why this conference should take place, an obvious oxymoron.

Now the blog, which has been running for 3 years, has never been about accusations of potential partners, but about naming the truth, to clarify the all-encompassing and world-wide legal case of the nation of Ephraim, especially when these efforts are in parts run.

Ps 119:43: "And do not take this from my mouth Word of truth; for I hope in your judgments

Jeremiah 9:4: "One deceives another, and the < strong>Truth they speak not; they have taught their tongues to lie; they labor in iniquity.

Am 5:10: "They hate the one in the gate right speaks, and despise him who tells the truth.

The underlying issue of the Ephraim case is too important to lull the brother into warm words, it is always a focus on the goal of settling the case on the inheritance of the Old and New Testaments, which is the kingdom as in promised in the Bible will be transferred from Rome to Jerusalem.

It is God Himself who speaks in Sarchaia 9:13: "For I have made Judah my bow, and I have laid Ephraim on it, and I will call upon your sons, Zion, against your sons, Greece, and wants to make you a hero's sword.

This statement should make two things clear: firstly, it should give everyone who wakes up a feeling of relaxation, because our goal will be reached anyway, but secondly, one should not slack off in achieving this goal.

Ps 110:1. "From David, a psalm. This is what the LORD said to my Lord: »Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a stool for your feet!"

The goal of the Son of Man will succeed, but we strive to achieve it with determination:

Zarchaiah 12:10 says that the Jews will also recognize in the end how the exact facts about the correct identities of Messiah ben David and Messiah ben Joseph will be visible to everyone in the end:

But on the house of David and on him that dwells in Jerusalem I will pour out a spirit of grace and supplication, and they will look up to me whom they pierced. And they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and weep bitterly for him as one weeps for the firstborn.

The fact that God's firstborn is Ephraim should be obvious to anyone who claims to be a scholar of the Holy Scriptures.

Jeremiah 31:9: "They will come weeping, but I will comfort them and guide them. I will lead them to streams of water by a level path, in which they will not stumble; for I am the father of Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn son. p>

But what is our practical real world order about, and why is the solution model of the nation of Ephraim so important to the world? The short answer is simple:

Because the priest according to the order of Melchizedek, the one with whom all Ephis have inscribed themselves in the personal process, has the solution for the most pressing problems of mankind, that is, not only for the orthodox Jews, but for people worldwide, who kept their hearts in the "right place" in the time of the apostasy.

He was only able to find this solution through his understanding of today's secular legal situation, which is why the orthodox Jews must also fail in this process with the Jewish law alone, as long as they do not know how to make the Torah valid and valid worldwide introduce the current standard that is binding for everyone. The simple fact that the Pope, as the supreme legislator holding a special seat over the UN, not only holds the conditions for the use of the Temple Mount and other sites in the Holy Land, he is also the competent decision-maker for the delivery of the inheritance.

TempleCoin has also been working towards this fulfillment for years, which is why, for example, a failed conference that failed to convey the solutions of the nation of Ephraim in accordance with the importance is an issue for TempleCoin to address.

Let me put it this way: Why will a son of man end up being the celebrated Messiah? Why will anyone ever be established as the king of the Jews in our day? Because this Messiah of the Jews must solve the most important problems of our time, similar to the Masonic vision of "order out of chaos.

They should have read that the Jews only hold the scepter until the Shiloh comes, but how can they tell that the Shiloh is already there? Here we are again at the beginning: without a mental openness to want to learn, this knowledge will not seep in, at the beginning there is the fundamental openness and willingness to be able to learn something new.

For so long, everyone continues to play according to their own rules and the world continues to turn according to the rules of the individual and you can also pick your own nose: it was always our own inability, affected and admittedly complex subject contexts that were clear and to present it in an understandable way, a central reason for the lack of success so far.

So what was our solution to the nation of Ephraim all about?

The basic legal situation that every person is entered in a tax list after birth, with this moment as a legal entity, i.e. as a dead thing in the state's accounting, and the "state" (which is also just a combination of different company numbers in the worldwide DUNS commercial register) can encumber and sell the tax number of the dead person is the fundamental problem of our time. Through interest and taxes we work for our owners and for Germany we have shown that the Reich Concordat between Adolf Hitler and the Vatican, confirmed by Woelki, continues to exist to this day. Cardinal Woelki from Cologne is Germany's highest church representative and that's why the events surrounding him are correspondingly important (more on that later).

The fact is that by using the world's credit money and complying with widespread tax laws, we are bound in a way that makes it impossible for us to live by the law of the Torah, in which e.g. gold and silver is money and there are other payment orders than to fulfill the debt bondage as a staff and to be the state's debt guarantor.

Ephraim was able to find a gap through his precise knowledge of the worldwide legal situation, in that anyone interested can change the legal group from a dead person under the general terms and conditions of the state to being human under the Torah & Prophets, which is secured by religious freedom in our time and can be further developed in commercial law. The closed data cleansing of the state according to the General Data Protection Regulation of 2018 is a planned part of the NewDeal we have announced and a critical mass of new signups should also let us officially get these rights effective for everyone.

Besides the change of legal regime as far as the individual is concerned, the second and parallel step is a change in the financial cycle from debt money to a real gold and silver cycle and we have already proven its basic viability with the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust, to implement our solution system completely legally and practicably according to commercial law.

How do we know that sooner or later this process of acquiring new customers in the nation of Ephraim is unstoppable? I'm thinking of Daniel 12:2: "And many who sleep in the dust of the earth will wake up, some to eternal life, others to everlasting shame and shame.

The process of global awakening has been in full swing for years, although slower than some of us realize, people around the world are gradually waking up to the simple fact that the Bible is true and creation is true permanently according to Hashem's rules. We're not talking about the small fraction of a few million Jews, but rather hundreds of millions of the lost tribes that had risen among the nations unknowingly but are returning at this time as the 10-tribe kingdom of the north. Among other things, it was Jesus himself who spoke of the 12-tribes kingdom at the end of days and through the current order of appointing the pope "as the vicar of Christ, who is there until he comes, as ruler over the nations". , God has prepared it practically, easily and well to be able to replace this with the true heir and returned Christ, as provided for by the world order.

Not only Scots, English, Germans and also some Jews of the past centuries knew that all this will happen at the end of days and have created legal frameworks over centuries that make this process possible in the end, and even more so, man also knew through the precise observation of God's clock (sun, moon and stars) when the time should come.

Here we come to the real issue of identifying the Son of Man.

Even in Scripture we find evidence of this: it is through the witnesses in heaven, on earth and in Scripture that God Himself determines His elect. Not a human being can decide this, only God himself can plan a creation in such a way that it fulfills itself in one point or also in a messenger as announced.

It is David's key, which can be clearly proven, "which unlocks the kingdom of heaven so that no one can close it anymore", but the kingdom of heaven is on earth, because the promise of the 1000-year kingdom of peace applies to the real world of earth, i.e. when heaven is brought to earth.

It was clear at any point for centuries that a Son of Man had to be born, who is the messenger appointed by God to close the story as announced. The fact that it is a non-Jew and even a German is not just Hashem's particular joke, but makes sense when you take a closer look at the common history of Germans and Jews and the inevitable coming together of the tribes.

The fact is, however, that this judgment of God cannot be changed by anyone, whether they like it or not.

Why was Ulf Diebel able to find out his own key David at all and what does it consist of? In short, it is about the immutable dates of birth not only of Ulf Diebel, but also of his family of descent and his children born in Jerusalem.

Birth dates have the inherent feature that they cannot be manipulated, invented or fictitious, unless the birth certificates are forged, which is not the case with Ulf Diebel and his family.

An exact representation of the Key of David can be found on the Torah Club, but the following should already be said here: The dates of birth are not only in sync with the most important Vatican laws of the Second Vatican Council, which in view of the end times and the arrival of the Messiah, but in their own relationship with each other they programmed Ulf Diebel's date of birth themselves, impossible to falsify or even imagine. Even Ulf Diebel only noticed some parts of it because the synchronicity between the birthdays of his family members and the historical dates of publication of the most important laws of the Vatican are obvious, including their actual meaning in the sense of one with the prophetic inheritance, in order to replace the representative in white with the heir holder.

The fact that certain birthdays and publication dates of very specific, central international laws, which were made either by Freemasons and/or Jesuits, are also and very specifically connected to heavenly events that can be clearly determined from the Bible, can really be fictitious and everyone should be who has retained a remnant of openness and faith in Hashem, for how else should God speak, except as announced to send the one by birth, which is presumptuous in heavenly and earthly times?

Countless celestial events have taken place in recent years that were unprecedented in the history of the world and it's funny when Jews are afraid that we want to worship the stars just because we're measuring their times, which is God's will, so to speak. There can be no question of worship here, but that the signs and witnesses in heaven were made by God for one thing only: to PERCEIVE them and to calculate the feast days!

It should also be said that the measurement of the key of David is primarily about 2 Samuel 5:4 and 5:5 (25.5): "David was thirty years old when he became king; he was forty years old King: seven years and six months he reigned over Judah in Hebron, and thirty-three years he reigned in Jerusalem over all Israel and Judah.

This time line has been fulfilled not only by David, but also by Jesus and by Ephraim, and I clearly recommend the for further research.

The daughter of Jerusalem and the daughter of Zion are clearly demonstrable children who were born in Jerusalem and where the timeline of the Key of David is clearly associated with the most important laws of the Vatican and in connection with the most important celestial events in the Bible in prophetically fulfilled in our day, matching 2 Sam 5:4 and 5:5.

The fundamental rule is that the prophets are to be read in every way with two meanings, first the historical reality of the time in which they were written and then the prophetic variant, which refers to the end of days. This double level is the case throughout and only the returned Christ could resolve it into correct understanding, just as the Pope stated in his most important law "Dei Verbum" of 1965. It states that a) the Bible is the highest applicable and valid law and b) only the returned Messiah will be able to interpret the Bible in its full correctness, similar to the process of the Jewish idea that the Messiah will judge and classify everything, e.g. who what tribe is, etc.

He has already done just that. He reveals what nobody knew before, but the old problem remains: Where is wisdom and who is even able to listen, let alone understand?

Job 28:12: "The wisdom but, where is it to be found, and where is the place of knowledge?

Job 28:20: "And wisdom, where does it come from? and where is knowledge located?

Proverbs 11:2: "Come pride, come shame, but with the humble is wisdom.

Proverbs 17:16: "What is the use of money in the hands of the fool? Can he buy wisdom if he has no brains?"

Ecclesiastes 1:18: "For with much wisdom comes much sorrow, and he who knows more suffers more.

In the end, things remain simple: Anyone who still doesn't allow Ulf Diebel to be the fulfillment of the announced Son of Man must continue to wait and thus the matter will be delayed until the fixed time of the end. But no one else comes.

If you want to understand the David key (which Ulf Diebel holds, whether you like it or not) in more detail, look at the< /a>


Oh yes, now there was still the matter of Cardinal Woelki, who lives here only 4 km from me..

Well, it was just a matter of a certain joy about the latest developments.

After Cardinal Woelki was on Mount Zion at the same time as me on March 21, 2023, when I was planning the conference for the Second Passover together with Rabbi Berger, Rabbi Feld and Rabbi Edery and he together with the bishop from my native city of Fulda the new ones altar with the Lamb of God on Mount Zion, both of us, Woelki and I, of course had to go back to Cologne afterwards. Woelki had to appear directly before the district court, but I didn't.

After that I brought the real lamb to Mount Zion and then something happened that may not have happened since the first church was built in Cologne 1700 years ago.

The Cologne police searched Woelki's private rooms.

That exactly this has not happened at the first official location of the community of heirs Jakob e.V. in recent years, although all of Ulf Diebel's whereabouts were destroyed and raided in the years before and there were very concrete fears that this series would continue, instead but now that the cardinal is coming under this hardship, I rate it as a great, partly personal, success.

One shouldn't praise the day before the evening, but the story of the fall of the church is already well advanced after the abuse scandal of the church came to light at the same time as Ulf Diebel's final judgment in Harsewinkel in 2018.

Here is a photo of the spot where I have often stood myself, once with Hubert Rogon, when we gave Woelki our book in person.

Ulf Diebel, the son of man, had had Woelki on his radar for years. Not only is he the highest representative of the Church in Germany, which exists through a treaty between the German Reich and the Vatican, as the apostolic steward of goods for the Holy See he was also chairman of the Holy Land Association and thus directly responsible for a large number of properties and real estate directly in Jerusalem and Israel.

His cash assets of, a few years ago, around 4 billion euros for the Archdiocese of Cologne and even around 450 billion for all of Germany, as well as his position in the Reich Concordat, makes him the secretly most powerful man in Germany.

Fortunately, Pope Francis confirmed for the first time in his motu proprio of 2/20/23: none of you belong to anything! Everything was only kept and managed for the heirs!

Let's see when the Jews check who this is. Because then we could finally get the inheritance officially, so that the Torah from Zion and the Word from Jerusalem will come out again.


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