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Business deal between Ephraim and Judah for the Third Temple in Jerusalem

As of now: The SanMark shares of the Sanhedrin Initiative on !

(further explanations below)


Already on 4.5. of this year 2022 I contacted Rabbi Yosef Edery of Chabad Lubavitch for the first time, after Ulf had drawn my attention to his website on the same evening. First I wrote to Rabbi Edery impressively about his YouTube channel, whereupon he directly sent me his email address and I responded by email.

Rabbi Edery's website revealed for us that Rabbi Edery had put himself in the forefront with the Sanhedrin Initiative to bring the Kingdom of God to earth, which from a Jewish perspective means first and foremost forming a functioning Sanhedrin, a fair and wise Torah court with 70 elders and 70 advisors, capable of electing a king for the Jewish people to implement the promises of God very practically in our time. Of course, this is as much of a financial endeavor as the efforts of our nation of Ephraim, and Rabbi Edery is already experiencing increasing support in the Jewish world for his great ability to connect people.

The initial contact was in his typical Yosef Edery manner: friendly, intelligent and open-minded. From the very beginning I did not hold back in sprinkling in essential information from Ephraim's revelation, thus challenging Rabbi Edery in some way from the start.

After almost 4 years of working for Ephraim, it was clear to me how sensitive the topic of the New Covenant is to be treated and that we as non-Jews regularly encounter a lot of reservations among Orthodox Jews that had to be resolved. So Rabbi Edery also tested me thoroughly over the next few weeks to see if I, as a goy and a bastard who could not even prove his own bloodline, had at least a minimum understanding of Torah. Obviously this was the case, as my training by the priest according to the order of Melchizedek was sufficient for a good dialogue, and the works of TempleCoin additionally spoke for themselves.

Thus, Edery and I slowly walked the path of diplomatic understanding, as our communication, even if it faltered from time to time in the beginning, did not break down, but there was obviously a mutual interest, which kept us moving forward.

Little by little, a lively exchange between the view of Jewish law and the relevant facts from Ephraim's revelation took place, which finally resulted in a visit of our first legation of Patrick Geisler and Alexander Horn to Rabbi Edery in the Golan, after these two attended the media conference in Tel Aviv in September 22.

It was clear to me for weeks and months that it would be great if Rabbi Edery would accept the Silver TempleCoins of us Israelites as payment for the building of the 12 Tribes Kingdom and it was only the night before Patrick and Alex arrived at Rabbi Edery's that Rabbi Edery informed me by phone that he was willing to accept the payments of the Nation of Ephraim for the building of the Sanhedrin and construction of the Temple. In retrospect, I consider this the most decisive breakthrough in my 4 years of service to Ephraim, and I could not help but shed a tear or two of relief that night.

The next day was the big meeting of our first delegation with Rabbi Edery in the Holy Land. I was feverishly waiting to see if everything would go well, and on Shabbat night I received word from Patrick and Alex that everything had gone well.

The first delivery of 56 Silver TempleCoins from the Israelites took place that day, laying the foundation of our business cooperation between Ephraim and Judah to bring the wealth of the nations back to the Holy Land.


Today, 12/15/22, we are already a few steps ahead.

After the appointment in the country, my swift handover of the contact Rabbi Edery to Ephraim took place and meanwhile the high-level video conversation format of these two representatives goes into the 8th round. Here you can see the last conversation of Ulf and Yosef, if you click on the picture. (with subtitles!)

Also, the collaboration between and continues to bear fruit and today I am proud to present the latest development of the above mentioned Sanhedrin Market Shares:

Rabbi Yosef Edery, in his efforts to connect people of diverse coleur for the Kingdom of God, previously worked on his own trading system, the Sanhedrin Market, to form a closed system for friends and supporters of the Sanhedrin Initiative. (Click on the image to register for the Sanhedrin Market).

Since the day before yesterday, Sanmark shares are offered for the first time to collect donations and support for the construction of the Sanhedrin.

Each buyer of the SanMark shares will receive 60% of their investment in the form of silver and gold TempleCoins, another 20% is for the Sanhedrin initiative of the House of Judah and another 20% is to support for further elaboration of the Temple Treasury.

The exact scale of the delivered goods can be found here with the example - Ag/Au spot price of 12/12/2022.

The Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust's silver and gold products are designed to guarantee the purchaser receives real and lasting value for their support of our joint initiative.

Future larger orders can help us to further agility. The larger mass production is in the starting blocks with the competent technical team of TempleCoin for backup. An electric / hydraulic production of our 999 Silver and Gold TempleCoin is already in preparation and big thanks go here already to David Leckebusch for his solid and faithful support of, as well as to Christoph Teichmann, who does a very good and conscientious minting job of the TempleCoin in elaborate hand production.

Here is the link to the SanMark shares of the Sanhedrin Initiative to support Rabbi Yosef Edery and all his connected people.

Here is the link for supporting the New Covenant via smaller order sizes. You too can send your personal payment to Rabbi Yosef Edery to strengthen the New Covenant.

And here for you most importantly: the classic TempleCoin for your Silver Stack, so that you remain solvent in the coming reset, when the debt money will reach its real value of zero very soon. Attention: Quantity discount!

Baruch Hashem, Shalom and all the best.

Lets pray, work and hope, that we manage to build the Temple soon together!

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