Watch 3 videos about Ephraim here to answer most of the questions:

Part 1: Who is Ephraim and what is the nation of Ephraim?

Part 2: What are the Goals of the Nation of Ephraim?

Part 3: Kingdom Business and the Seed & Harvest Economy in the Nation of Ephraim

At you get unique access to the

gold and silver market with the

Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust

  • Silver and gold at the spot price on your own weight account

  • Coin trading system on its own app

  • Silver-covered business investments

  • Financing of new ventures

  • Production and delivery of our own temple coins

The prerequisite for your access to the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust is that you are already in possession of the Ephi-Card as the official identification document of the nation of Ephraim.

The services of our gold & silver trading system are only available to people from our nation.

Account opening with the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust (if you already have an EphiCard).




Ephi-Card and Trust-Account as a package.

Ephi-Card & Trust-Account

Ephi-Card & Trust-Account

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2 videos about money, debt, US dollars and how the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trusts

More about opening an account

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