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Is 2023 the year of huge changes?

Almost never have tempers around gold and silver been more heated than at the moment when it comes to what the further price trend of gold and silver might look like for this year.

Bulls and bears are arguing, and not just on Twitter or other platforms. Some bulls get aggressive when they hear about negative price forecasts, while others have been waiting for 20 years for a sustainable price breakout, which has not happened so far, and therefore only look disappointedly at the manipulated paper market.

Certainly it is absurd to think that gold today is at the price level of 2011 and silver today is half the value of the price high of 1981.

Hardly any material is more manipulated by the big banks of the world than gold and silver, but this was necessary to bring the Ponzi_Scheme of credit money issued by central banks, primarily the US dollar, to the man.

The US dollar plays here the crucial role, because it is used as world guidance currency in the foreign trade for the account. The U.S. dollar and the euro alone, which is pegged to the dollar, account for about 75% of international payments, and so most countries are forced to hold U.S. dollars in payments to this day.

Thus, the method of pretending the credit currency US DOLLAR, created out of nothing, to the world as real money has worked for the last years: the interest rate, which has become cheaper and cheaper over decades, has created a flood of paper money and digital units, which on the one hand has created a worldwide prosperity, but as a consequence has also led to the impoverishment of large parts of the population, not only because of the unfair distribution of credit money and the distribution pressure inherent in the interest system: more and more credit money has to be paid back by the market participants than is spent at all. Market participants thus permanently drop out, similar to the musical chairs, while wealth is concentrated among fewer and fewer. After now the last years the money socialism with the state-steered fascism of the church connected itself, the phenomenon of the unfair distribution and the impoverishment of further population groups became only still larger. The ultimate goal is deliberate: total control of the world's population by a small group of rulers by 2030 at the latest. (Last article on the GREAT RESET by Ephraim Media Truth here).

On the way there is already the introduction of a digital central bank currency, while already the Corona Crisis 2020 provided the start for the introduction of this framework:

Translated with (free version)

Corona was the welcome start for the economic Great Reset

The supply shock from the global and "sudden" pandemic disrupted value and supply chains. Supply tightened dramatically and after some time later the lockdowns were lifted again, the sudden re-emergence of demand slammed on the tightened supply and made prices explode in various areas and the somewhat delayed increase in inflation figures gave the best reason for the central banks to raise interest rates unduly after years, which has already led to a major downturn of the markets in 2022.

The current downturn is therefore no wonder, the American central bank FED has already raised interest rates from 0 to 4.5% within 9 months, the fastest and strongest interest rate hike in history, which meets a record amount of mainly public debt, which is already higher than the total economic output in many countries, including so in the U.S., after they still smeared 9 trillion USD (!) on the debt clock there.

This makes it clear that it will be impossible to repay this debt from the country's own economic strength, especially since the temporary interest rate target for 2023 of 5.25% already seems to be enough to bring inflation back down in large parts.

The inflation data have already come back down somewhat or remained below expectations. Producer and consumer prices are already coming back slightly.

Especially the oil and gas prices have already shown a strong correction in recent months, as announced by us and this development is not yet over for next year.

Oil, gas and many other classes, probably also the stock markets, will probably continue to fall next year.

This reveals the much bigger problem for the FED than that of inflation, which is also much more difficult for the FED to control: Namely the problem of deflation!

The price collapse in the markets, which is triggered by the worldwide falling total demand, which is just triggered by the increasing debts, will probably become the reality for 2023! At the moment the economic data point to a world-wide recession and with it to a similar circumstance as in the big world economic crisis 1929/30.

Just for this year, the markets expect the next big crash wave and many analysts are already painting the black in the sky for the next few weeks or another big crash from March at the latest.

The underlying problem is related to the facts described above: It is at the core a dollar shortage that is now hitting countries' banking and debt systems and that is also the reason for the steady depletion of most countries' dollar reserves. Countries and banks ARE SHORT of dollars to service the entire debt load and it is also a dollar shortage that is bringing the banking system to the critical point, similar to the 2008 crisis, which was then still artificially saved.

In the private sector, participants are also hoarding cash in these conditions as they wait for lower prices in the future, and economic performance is increasingly slowing as a result.

The problem is, once markets around the world are in a deflationary spiral with collapsing prices and collapsing economic growth, the conventional pattern of boosting the economy via QE (quantitative easing, pumping new money into the markets) will work less and less, which is why these hopes of many participants are likely to remain unfulfilled. QE programs can help when the economy is still stuck in low growth, but they come to nothing and are not suitable for turning negative growth into positive growth, especially after the expansion of the money supply has led to this situation. Further QE programs would then rather increase inflation without taking the actual economic performance with them.

In history, there was only one solution:

History has shown that there is mainly only one solution out of such a situation and that is the devaluation of the central bank currency against gold or a higher gold price measured in the central bank currency, as it is about increasing the velocity of money again to boost economic performance again. The moment the dollar becomes worth less again, measured in gold, it is spent more again and makes other prices, gas, wheat, coffee, pick up again and an economy could bottom out of a recession.

But are we at that point yet? Even though many bulls hope so, I have to fear, sadly, no. Yes, gold and silver will eventually be the Shiny Stars that pull us out of this malaise, but I suspect it will get a little worse before it gets better.

Some analysts also initially expect a major event, planned or unplanned, such as a bank crash or other black swan event, but there is usually one thing behind it: an actual dollar shortage in the system to respond to the current changed situation. Certainly, it would also be in the sense of the designers of the Great Reset to use a pretended bank hack (e.g. by Russia) as a pretext to solve the current currency problem without further ado by a new digital currency. With a digital currency, the controllers would be given the opportunity to optimally control the amount of money and its distribution in their sense, which would simultaneously mean the end of any freedom of the population.

Is this circumstance already coming this year? No one knows, but what is relatively certain is the next wave of crashes. Interest rates will remain unabatedly high or even rise over the next few years and the global recession will be sustained and worse than most have realized so far. By March/April at the latest, however, this should have reached the public consciousness.

And what are gold and silver doing at this time?

Gold and silver were also affected by this trend of money pulling out of the markets as early as 2022. We had between March and September a price drop of approx. 22% in USD (approx. 35% price drop of silver in USD), followed in turn by a very strong rise from the beginning of November, ( which I myself admittedly did not see coming sufficiently and was therefore myself surprised by it in parts and by its intensity), which led to the fact that gold and silver in USD remained almost equally expensive or equally cheap over the course of the year from 1.1.2022 to 1.1.2023.

Gold dropped only $5 over the course of the year....

and silver even rose by about 70 dollar cents in the course of the year:

This is not bad for a year where the conventional stock markets have lost heavily (eg SPX -21% or DAX - 11.8%).

Even more blatant it looks in gold and silver measured in euros and here I have the inclined blog reader last year definitely not sufficiently correct information, because over the year gold in euros has gained even 6%, while silver has made even 9.3% plus. So the partly against the dollar weaker euro has made gold and silver in euro rise over the year and I underestimated the intensity of the last price breakout and the last rally since early November. While gold in U.S. dollars alone has made 16.5% and silver even 39.7% (!!) since the beginning of November (see both charts above) this looks not quite as extreme in euro prices, but still considerable.

Gold has made 6.91% since the end of October...

..and silver 31.1% since the beginning of September.

But is this breakout sustainable and the beginning of new price highs? Unfortunately, I still believe no, even if we can interpret the whole thing as a large overriding bull flag, which at some point can also break out violently to the upside.

In the big picture, however, it becomes clear that we have still not left the overriding chart picture.

Gold in USD

Gold in Eur looks bullish for now, but may be affected by a gold price drop in USD.

Silver in USD

Silver in Eur

Next downturn wave soon?

The charts indicate that even if gold and silver remain somewhat stable in euro terms at times, they will be dragged down again when the dollar price makes its next downward wave, which is likely due to the overriding cycles in which gold and silver find themselves. (See article from December 8, whose forecast we more or less still hold on to and which seems to fit so far).

Unfortunately, because of the overarching cycles, even these short-term price rallies may not last long.

What could prevent this next likely price plunge would be at least if the DXY would continue to fall through to the downside. Since yesterday, it has been sitting on the support that has been coming for one and a half years and would now have to stabilize at the latest if it is to run upwards again, otherwise the 93 would be the next price target and gold and silver could even now break out upwards to new highs.

What is already clear from the above charts is that the silver cycle is running somewhat ahead of the gold cycle, that is, silver always makes highs and lows somewhat ahead of the gold highs and lows. Silver may have already made its temporary top on January 3, before falling back down now and in the coming weeks. Gold had its previous top on January 9, but could possibly even see one last higher high until around the end of January/beginning of February (See also article from December 8) before probably falling back down again also for the reasons described above of a strong recession occurring worldwide for this year.

Even though there is a possibility that gold and silver are already in a new sustained bull run, I still think it is less likely. Still, we are in an overall pattern that even a cataclysmic breakout to the upside could in principle occur at any time, even depending on new events on the world stage.

However, at the latest when we see the next downturn wave in the first half of 2023, everyone should start adding to their own holdings and stock up on gold and silver in physical form, be it via trust certificates or via bars, coins and TempleCoins.

At some point, there will be the last low buying prices for gold and silver before they bottom out and break out again to the upside at some point first in the recession.

The underlying consequences of the revelation that at the end of the development all purchasing power will fall back into gold and silver after fiat money will reach its final value of zero is in the end anyway the main reason why everyone should build up their holdings of gold and silver in physical form. Here, the actual paper prices of the present hardly matter, because in that sense, any current paper price is cheap, measured against the actual value and underlying purchasing power that the material will soon reveal to everyone.

Bitcoin has shown this fact of being in an inflated PonziScheme for years, basically as early as 2022, and should start heading towards the actual value of zero in the next few months.

Euro, Dollar, Yen will follow their inner nature, which is why the efforts of our enemies to bring the world into total enslavement via a digital currency will also intensify. This is the absolute endgame.

So the only way you can keep your own freedom is by building up physical gold and silver. For this purpose we have founded the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust, which offers the most elegant way for you to manage your own holdings.

Via Ephi-Card and Trust-Account, 100% legal according to current and valid law, you are able to participate in our trading system and trade gram backed certificates in our own system.

Check out the website and contact us if you have any questions.

You can order the Trust's own coin, the Silver TempleCoin, here and thus secure yourself to remain able to act in the future.

A quarter of an ounce is available for 15 Euro and for larger orders the price is reduced accordingly.

You can make your payment for the establishment of the New Covenant between Ephraim and Judah with the final construction of the Third Temple here. By doing so, you will support God's plan of salvation for the written end, and we will transmit your coin with your name to make it shine.

Even though some of the above outlook might sound a bit threatening, we wish all current and future Trust customers a personally successful year 2023. Always remember to walk only in the ways that God has already set for you before the beginning of time! Thus we send to all a hearty Sh

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