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1 kg coin bar owl from Athens, Niue, Asahi

1 kg coin bar owl from Athens, Niue, Asahi

€950.00 Regular Price
€893.00Sale Price

The Attic tetradrachm with the legendary owl is considered one of the most famous coins in the world and was immortalized, for example, on the one-euro coins from Greece. In addition, in recent years a 1 oz and ¼ oz silver coin with the owl from the island state of Niue has been successfully established on the market as a silver bullion coin.

Now Niue is upping the ante: a magnificent coin bar with the legendary owl is now available. Unlike most bars, the silver coin bar Owl 1 kg 2019 has a face value of 50 dollars and is therefore official currency, so you could theoretically pay with it at the supermarket checkout in Niue. To the right of the owl are three Greek letters, where the "A" stands for "alpha", the "Θ" for "theta" and the "E" for "epsilon" - this is the abbreviation for "Athens". . The olive branch on the motif symbolizes peace.

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