Organize and establish Silver with us as the World Reserve Currency

Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust

Welcome to the trading and payment system of the Nation of Ephraim at the
and take part in the historical transition to replace the US-Dollar with the Silver TempleCoin
"There can be no Israel without Yosef!"



The Sanhedrin in Jerusalem confirms:

Templecoin is the solution to the

world's money & credit problem!


Jerusalem: Rabbi calls 70 Nations to organize, establish Half-Shekel as World Reserve Currency

The Nation of Ephraim was the first who asks for it, and then

caused and prepared it, allready at 8/11/2020


Rabbi Weiss in Israel365News

"Templecoin: Money that is actually worth something"

Article here


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and get full acces to the trust!

Danger! The Trust-Account is only valid in connection with the Ephi-Card of the Ephraim Nation

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is part

of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust

of the Nation of Ephraim

and is directly related to a reorganization of the world financial system and a debt cancellation according to Leviticus 25 and a return to gold & silver as real money.

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Take advantage of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust! Exchange your debt money for gold and silver via your own TempleCoin Trust-Account!

  • Member-based club-internal trading system for certified gold and silver coins & bars - 100% tax-free

  • Gold & Silver Holdings in the national trust assets in grams

  • Business participations and investments via silver-covered trust certificates

  • Production of our own TempleCoin in 7.77g fine silver


The historical Highlight during the restoration of the

Kingdom in Jerusalem:

The biblical Shekel in 7.77g of Fine Silver.


The return to Silver and Gold as real money and to make all temple Payments.

Danger! Favorable delivery prices only with a trust account!

Create your own Trust Account for only 100 euros and enjoy all services & benefits of the

Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust.

The only condition is the presence of an Ephi-Card, which identifies you as part of the Ephraim Nation!

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Constitution of the Trust

Read here the Charta of the Ephraim National Gold&Silver Trust of 8/11/2020

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Coins/bars trading system

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TempleCoin 7,77g Silver

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